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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My whole Journey Iraq-wards has been Unique, in a word. So a recent phone call from Servant Group International about support raising, deadlines, orientation, and the next step forward was actually not at all a surprise. Allow me to set the stage. Saturday, working ALL DAY on support raising. Printing Letters, addressing envelopes, cutting, finessing the Recipients List, trips to the store for more envelopes, more stamps, hours of work (see previous post). Working steadily, I am an anxious, panic-y mess the whole day. Yes, I know that Christians are not supposed to be anxious about anything. But I was, and I had no idea what to do about it this time.
An anxious heart is a warning sign: STOP! WHAT is going wrong here? ...If you've had much time around children, you have witnessed TCS, Tired Child Syndrome. An exhausted child, between the ages of 1-5, throws herself on the ground, beside herself with irritation, confusion, fatigue. A physical stimulant tells her body that something is wrong, but her mind cannot interpret it. She cannot diagnose the problem. She does not know the solution. She cannot formulate a request, a plea, a plan. Sprawled on the floor, she is incapacitated (and often inconsolable). But her wise parents know what to do! It's time for bed.
My neighbors at VBS last week. This is NOT TCS, but you get the idea ...Back to Saturday. Before God that evening I tell Him, "Lord, I CAN NOT live every day from now until Iraq (August 15th) like this one. Yet I have no idea what to ask, because I have no idea what I need, want, ought to do. You know what I need. I am TCSing right now. You are wise. And you are good. Father me. Amen." And I just committed myself to my Heavenly Father in that moment. And fell asleep.
My To Do List. Any wonder I'm a bit panic-y? ...Phone call. Wednesday. It's Servant Group International. I have not yet met support-raising deadlines to attend orientation later this month. I am $7,500 short. I am probably not going to make the next financial deadline, either, to get to Iraq August 15th. What will I do?
Smiling at the future, Proverbs 31:25 ...This is it. God's answer! I am not going to Iraq this fall. I will go next fall, 2014. Si bon Dieu vle, as they say in Haiti. If God wants. I will have a whole year to study Muslim culture and theology. A whole year to prepare myself for teaching. A whole year to pray for the Adventure ahead. A whole year to raise the needed $upport and recruit a prayer-warrior team.
...IN CALIFORNIA! I am moving to California. I will spend my year of preparation with Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and their little ones, soaking in the Cali sun and gearing up for the even hotter heat of the Middle East. This is a Detour about which I am thrilled!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"It Takes a Village"

Mom would certainly stand in protest of my concession that our former first lady and Secretary of State had something right (or partially so) but recently I was reminded of this Life-reality:"It Takes a Village." Well ok, Mom, maybe one is not absolutely essential for proper child rearing, but both my past and present experience in preparing for foreign missions tells me that a healthy, helpful community is critical for such undertakings. So here's my shout out to my Village Peeps!
Rachel is my Tech and Social Media Coach
Mamma is the Copying Queen!
Tabitha concentrates on cutting
Daddy tackles the return labels
Even Drew got into the action
Thank you to my Support Team!
My Family really pitched in... Everyone, except for Lucy!